Fictitious Geography(ENG)

Fictitious Geography
1. Birds-eye’s Waltz
Let my body float up in the air, leave the ground behind. A dream of flying in the sky that I used to had in my childhood. Like a bird, looking down the ground, looking around with the restless eyes, dancing a waltz sometimes, I move across the world and time.
2. Forest of Appeasement
Somewhere in the world, there is a deep, significant forest. That forest eases the sorrows and anger that human cannot avoid feeling. Just like the grove of the village shrine in the ancient times that saved people’s lives.
3. Rlung-rta Windhorse
Rlung rta, or Talcho, is a Tibetan player flag. A horse is drawn in the middle of the flag, which is a symbol of wind and fastness. People there wish that all the livings live healthy, happily and peacefully. I hope that people’s wish will be come true as fast as a wind horse.
4. Sicilian Violet
In 2004, Sicilian Medieval History Institute discovered an unexcavated room in the basement while they were investigating the ruins of the castle of the Howen shtaufuen dynasty in Sicily. In that room there were many precious pieces of documents of parchment. Among the documents, what got into the news was a note wrote by the King Fedelico.
The letter says “thinking of my deceased mother, I decided to hold a dance party. So, for my mother, who was once called a Sicilian violet, I would like to collect dance music. Whoever has confidence in their music, submit it to me.” This song is for the Sicilian Violet.
**This introduction is imaginary.
5. A Floating Boat in the Rhyton Wine
There is this phrase in the literature written by Juzo Itami; “At the end of summer, time almost stops its movement. It seems it left shore and already came to the middle of the year and it cannot either go forward or go back. …There is such a moment in lifetime as well.” I like this phrase because I think this represents a moment in youth.
Zeus, the king of gods, holds a sheep horn shaped goblet. That rhyton is filled with wine, and there is a tiny boat floating on the surface of the wine. On the boat is Odysseus who is burdened ordeals by Gods, who cannot go forward nor turn back, like a summer time. He suddenly feels like being watched by someone and looks up the sky, but there is only the sky as clear blue as the Mediterranean Sea… I played along the piano imagining such a story.
6. Your Tender Eye
1) Go over the hill, across the valley
My thoughts go like wind
Reaching back to my memory that I dreamed one day
The sceneries that I missed moves my heart
As I wipe my tears and look up to the sky
Your tender eyes shine on me
2) Link the time, smiling at me
Full of the sun, soft clouds
One day you told me
That when the rain stops, something would changes
As I wipe my tears and look up to the sky
Your tender eyes shine on me
3) Beaten by the rain, soaking up the sun
Your smiling face is just like a blooming flower
Soon the time comes
Even If I have to say good bye, I’ll never forget it
As I wipe my tears and look up to the sky
Your tender eyes fall onto me
7. Firefly Memories
This is a solo flute version of the song called “Hotaru”-the fireflies- recorded in the previous CD. From the old time, people in Japan feel the deceased persons’ soul in the light of the fireflies. My grandmother used to say when she saw a firefly in her garden, “Look, Hiro-chan has come back.” Hiro-chan is my uncle who died in the war.
I would like to dedicate this song to people who died from the disaster in East Japan, hoping they will become fireflies and come back to where their precious persons are.